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Is telecommuting right for you?

To make telecommuting a workable situation for you, you should have a separate work space in your home to help you avoid distractions and to establish home/work boundaries. You also need to have the right equipment. Interestingly, the most important piece of equipment may not be a computer, but a comfortable chair!

  • Do you have a quiet work space?
  • Are you self motivated?
  • Are you experienced in maintaining multiple cloud files?
  • Do you have an up to date computer or laptop?
  • Are you fluent with document editing software and navigating the internet?
  • Are you an excellent written communicator?
  • Are you comfortable learning new software quickly?

Home Front Legal Services may be right for you

We are always accepting applications from legal staff and attorneys who are interested in on site and telecommuting assignments. We offer full and part time positions, as well as permanent placement opportunities. If you are a law clerk, legal assistant, paralegal, nurse consultant or attorney residing in Indiana with at least one year of previous experience, apply for a position with Home Front Legal Services LLC. We are interested in qualified candidates with experience in all areas of private practice.


A successful candidate will have:

  • at least one year of legal experience
  • good time management skills
  • attention to detail
  • good written and oral communication skills
  • the ability to meet deadlines
  • self motivation to complete work on a timely basis without a "task master" standing by

We set you up for success.

Home Front Legal Services provides:

  • an email account to communicate with clients
  • virtual phone system with direct dial number for telecommuters
  • fax by email for telecommuters
  • reimbursement of $25 per month for internet costs for telecommuters working at least 25 hours per month
  • time tracking software
  • direct deposit
  • video meeting to get you set up right from the start

Application for Employment

Home Front Legal Services LLC has a rigorous applicant screening process. We review all application materials carefully regarding the length and substance of the applicant’s work experience and for typographical errors. We have two basic eligibility requirements for all applicants: 1) one year of applicable legal work experience; and, 2) no more than three typographical errors or stylistic inconsistencies on the submitted application materials. Applicants who do not meet both of these eligibility requirements will not move forward to the interview portion of the screening process.


We match candidates with our esteemed clients and cannot guarantee temporary or permanent work for applicants as we are not a traditional staffing agency.  Upon review of your application, our Personnel and Marketing Director will contact you if the application requirements have been met and we feel that you would be a good match for Home Front Legal Services.  You must be available to complete the following screening process in its entirety should we contact you to move forward:


  • Initial telephone or video interview
  • Facilitating timely reference checks or providing letters of recommendation
  • Follow up telephone or video interview with owner and attorney, Amy Ficklin DeBrota
  • Screening Assignment
  • Final Interview with hiring firm either on site or by phone (firm's preference)
  • Background check


We have a few basic employment requirements. First, for telecommuting assignments, you must have a land line telephone, computer with up to date security software, a printer and high speed internet connection. A scanner is a plus, but is not required. Second, for all assignments, you must submit your hours worked, along with a brief summary of the work completed, to Home Front Legal Services LLC and to the client in the time frame requested. Third, you must conduct your own personal conflicts check regarding any other work in which you are engaged before accepting any temporary or contract project from HFLS and immediately advise us of any potential conflicts.


Find your match with a good employer before you commit.



Temporary work can provide an income while you find your niche.


Gain more experience working with a variety of law firms.

Why wait? Contact us today!


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Home Front Legal Services LLC provides experienced legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys for one-time projects, temporary and long-term telecommuting and on site assignments, as well as permanent hires.

Our Core Values
We Can Do It!
We Can Do It!
We Can Do It!
We Can Do It!
We Can Do It!