Telecommuting Works

Work is now something you do, not a location. The explosion of technological advances in communications like high speed broadband internet connections, smart phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile means of communication make it possible for more and more people to leave the traditional office behind.

This quiet workplace shift promises to literally alter not just the entire commercial landscape but also the where, when and how people choose to live and work. Ironically, advances in modern computer and communications technology are allowing us to return to a lifestyle where we live and work in the same place, just as it used to be. (Think Abraham Lincoln living over his law office while practicing in Springfield, Illinois.)

Traditional On Site Staffing Available

Home Front offers traditional legal staffing services whereby our employees come to your office to perform their work. However, the next time you need additional law clerk, paralegal or attorney help for your law practice, ask yourself this question: “Do I really need someone to be physically in my office in order to do this work?”

Benefits of Telecommuting

In general, the elimination of the daily commute and the sense of increased freedom to work effectively increases employee job satisfaction. Telecommuting also provides many rewards for law firms and corporate legal departments. Usually, employee productivity is increased. Companies and law firms also save money using telecommuting workers. Overall, increased job satisfaction translates into increased loyalty, dedication and employee retention rates.  Telecommuting presents a “win, win” situation for employees and companies. The overall or shared benefits to telecommuting include:

Telecommuting Benefits


Cuts in real-estate and office overhead costs by 25 to 90%.



Reduced air pollution by cutting down on the number of people driving to work.



Less wear and tear on roads and public infrastructure.

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Home Front Legal Services LLC provides experienced legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys for one-time projects, temporary and long-term telecommuting and on site assignments, as well as permanent hires.

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